Rock-T from the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show and His Wife Talk Private Dances, Being a Slave and More

Better known as Rock-T, radio personality Rocky Turner has one of the toughest jobs in America. As a co-host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show, Rock-T is charged with one of the show’s most anticipated, high-pressure, nail biting moments—the now infamous Joke of the Day.

Okay, for those of you who don’t listen to the show, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But for the Dish Nation star, the pressure to be funny among the likes of Rickey Smiley himself might be a legitimate stressor.

Yet, when it comes to real pressure, we think Rock-T’s wife Krystal holds the bigger burden. I mean what girl can honestly do her best seductive bedroom dance when her husband always laughs right in her face…

Krystal: Okay, so I’m really not the best dancer of all times. But I try to break it down for him in the bedroom. I will start breaking it down for him, and then he will start saying, “Work it, work it, work it”, but laugh at the same time. [laughs] Now how am I supposed to keep my sexy bedroom dance going with him laughing?

BMWK: So, Rock-T, on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you grade her on her dancing?

Rock-T: Dancing-wise, well, it’s a 10 because when we’re swinging out [editor’s note: that’s like Texas’s answer to Chicago steppin]. She’s pretty fly….When she’s doing any kind of hip-hop dance or anything else, that’s when it goes straight downhill. But, the dancing that she was talking about is in the bedroom, that’s the reason I start laughing is because of her facial expressions. […]

Now That We know Kim & Kanye #KimYe are Expecting their 2nd Child, Send me your Best Baby NAME options… #DishNation #RSMS


Kim Kardashian is expecting!! After Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, a teaser of an upcoming episode revealed that Kim Kardashian is expecting her second child.

This will be her second child with husband, Kanye West. Will North West, who’s almost 2, get a younger brother or sister?? And what name options are there—South West, Wild West…

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Just Incase you missed it: #TracyMorgan ‘s Exclusive First Interview since Tragic Accident [VIDEO]. #DishNation #RSMS

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has had a very trying and emotional past 12 months following a tragic car accident in which a Walmart big rig truck slammed into Tracy’s limo on the New Jersey turnpike, putting Tracy in a coma and killing his friend and fellow comedian James McNair on June 7, 2014.

Now nearly a year later, Tracy sat down with Matt Lauer for his first interview since the accident and tried to convey his thoughts as he fought back tears.

“I love, I’ll never stop loving her,” Tracy said about comedy. “I love comedy and I can’t wait to get back to her. But right now, my goal is just to heal and get better.”

And while his own struggle to heal has been a long and difficult road, Tracy is grateful that the lawsuits with Walmart are settled and his friend can now rest in peace.

“They [Walmart] took full responsibility,” Tracy said. “I’m just really happy that they looked out for Jimmy Mack’s family. I know my friend can rest in peace now.”

Tracy also thanked some very important people at JFK Medical Center who helped him to recover, especially the very special “Nurse Jackie.”

“Nurse Jackie, when I first came out of the coma, I was a mess. I would curse her out every day. I would throw things at her,” Tracy said.

“The only thing she would say to me is, ‘Everything is going to be all right.’”

Watch the emotional interview below:

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CONGRATS! @IggyAzalea is ENGAGED. Boyfriend Nick Young Popped the Question. [VIDEO] #RSMS #DishNation

Iggy Azalea is officially on her way to becoming Mrs. Swaggy P– her NBA star boyfriend Nick Young popped the question … and she said, “Yes!”

It all went down at Nick Young’s 30th birthday party Monday night — with the L.A. Lakers star getting down on one knee and busting out a fat 10 carat yellow diamond ring.

The two started dating back in 2013 — for their first date, Nick took her to a Target to go shoppping.

From there, they hit it off quickly — with Nick once taking her home from a club and bragging, “What I’m about to do with this shouldn’t be legal!”

Soooo … congrats!!!

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The Car @RondaRousey used to LIVE in is now for Sale… #RSMS #DishNation

$6,100 might seem like a little much for a 2oo5 Honda Accord LX with more than 150,000 miles, but add a history of the UFC women’s bantamweight champion living in it and the price becomes a little more understandable.

The Accord belongs to Ronda Rousey (11-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC), one of the most recognizable stars in all of combat sports and the woman Sports Illustrated called “The World’s Most Dominant Athlete.”

If the car wasn’t enough for the collector of obscure MMA memorabilia, it also comes with an assortment of Rousey’s personal items.

“There are many of Ronda’s personal belongings inside the car including medals, UFC programs from past events, patches, hats, and all kinds of random Ronda items,” the listing reads. “You can see from the eBay photos what all the items are that are located in the car. We (Ronda’s family) like to joke about all of the cool things you find in Ronda’s car. Every time you open the door, it’s is like an archeological dig! Also, Ronda did glue a few medals, patches, coins, and figurines to the inside of her car which probably aren’t going to come off.”

Rousey lived in the vehicle when she returned form the Olympics, unable to afford rent and a security deposit on an apartment and forced to grind away at multiple jobs.

The champ will next put her belt on the line at UFC 190 when she takes on Bethe Correia in Correia’s home country of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro on Aug. 1.

Rousey’s mom is still using the car to run some errands and the car needs a new transmission, but there aren’t many opportunities to own such a […]

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Did Yall Know First Lady #MichelleObama was a Kick Boxer? Check her out [VIDEO] #RSMS #DishNation

Dear Barack Obama … DO NOT PISS OFF YOUR WIFE!!!

Check out this new footage of Michelle Obama going to town on a punching bag at the White House gym — throwing punch combinations and a pretty devastating roundhouse kick!!

FLOTUS was showing off her Top 5 workout moves to celebrate the 5th anniversary of her Let’s Move! campaign — which is supposed to motivate Americans to get off their asses and get fit.

Michelle looks great in the video … jumping rope, hitting squats and blasting her core.


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This Woman Broke into Chris Browns house – He Found her naked in his bed and THIS happened… #DishNation #RSMS

The woman who was arrested for breaking into and vandalizing the home of Chris Brown may have recently flown off the hinges … living a delusion in which she believes she is Brown’s wife.

Amira Kodcia Ayeb posted a message online 4 days ago, in which she says she’s in Malibu “searching for her home.” The 21-year-old from Tunisia also says her last name is Brown. It’s apparent she thinks Chris is her husband, which is why she spray painted “Mrs. Brown” on his cars and in his house.

A friend of Ayeb’s tells us Ayeb — who is an aspiring singer — attends the University of Houston, and she hopped on a bus last week and said she was going to see Chris. According to the University of Houston, Ayeb is not currently enrolled as a student.

TMZ broke the story … Ayeb was arrested Wednesday night for breaking into Brown’s home and vandalizing two of his cars. Chris found her naked in his bed, and it appears she was there for 2 days.

She is currently being held on $50,000 bail.
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Do Yall think this TV Reporter meant to say this? or was it a COINCIDENCE? [VIDEO] #DishNation #RSMS

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@SHAQ is my new hero…SHAQ For President – Check Out what he did after falling on Live TV. [VIDEO] #DishNation #RSMS

This is absolutely incredible in every damn way possible.
Shaquille O’Neal, the “Big Shaqtus” and every other nickname his huge, 7’3 frame holds went crashing down on the TNT set during halftime of the Rockets vs. Clippers.
Shaq hit the floor harder than that old plate in your grandma’s cabinet you’ve been wanting to smash forever. Shaq fell faster than everything in “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.” The first and the sequel.
Imagine the ground. That’s a small earthquake inside the studio. I don’t even know how the rest of the analysts didn’t rock out of their chairs from a chain reaction from a literal giant falling to the ground ungracefully. I don’t know what’s worse, the graceful fall from your drunk uncle at a Christmas party crashing on your couch or the large seismic shock that comes from Shaq cracking a few tiles.
It’s not Blackhawk down, it’s Shaqhawk down. Man, Sonny Liston didn’t hit the mat faster than Shaq. Jerome Boateng didn’t get crossed up for this.This is bad. Everyone must remember the day that Shaq broke the Earth. The TNT set will never be the same. This is worse than when Kenny pushed him into a Christmas tree

Forget Shaq’tin a Fool. He just re-enacted SHAQTIN A FALL. Down goes Frazier? Nah. Down goes the Big Diesel

Let’s just be glad he didn’t suffer a compound Shaqture.
And, of course, it’s Ernie’s fault.
It’s going down. We yellin’ Timber.

Since you asked, look no further than below Shaq. SB Nation will provide you with the memes so you can provide us with the $$$$.
Here’s Shaq just chillin with Simba:

Oh, did […]

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What Do yall think of the homie #RussellWilson and @Ciara being a couple?

After losing the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is really turning things around … at least in the scoring hot chicks department.

DangeRuss brought ridiculously HOT R&B singer Ciara to the White House for a nice juicy steak dinner — which might actually be a “State” dinner, but … details.

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