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This is why You Should NOT Text & Drive. [VIDEO]

Dashcam has captured the moment a bus driver in China pulls his phone out to text, causing a major collision while not watching the road.

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Watch Steph Curry break Chris Paul Ankles….. It happens to the best

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Lebron James says he only has 3 Best Friends in the NBA…. Can You Guess Who they are? #RSMS #DishNation

LeBron James squashed the idea that he and teammate Kevin Love have any issues, saying that the fact that they aren’t great friends has nothing to do with how well they will play together.

Earlier this season, Love gave a quote saying that he and James were “not best friends,” and people jumped all over […]

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This NFL Star is Suing Bank Of America for $20 Million… Are they At Fault? Here is the Story….. #RSMS

Free agent linebacker Dwight Freeney is suing one of the nation’s largest banks, alleging it swindled him out of more than $20 million and forced him to close an emerging Hollywood restaurant business.

Freeney and his company, Roof Group LLC, sued Bank of America in a California superior court weeks ago. The former Colts […]

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Is NBA Star James Harden and Amber Rose dating? Here is the Scoop…. #RSMS


Amber Rose and James Harden have decided to put their bangship on hold … mutually deciding to enter the desolate and barren void known as the FRIEND ZONE … TMZ Sports has learned.

James and Amber had been rumored to be seeing each other … with Amber attending a Rockets game in Houston and reportedly gushing to friends about how […]

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