Rock-T from the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show and His Wife Talk Private Dances, Being a Slave and More

[Tweet "Rock-T from the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show and His Wife Talk Private Dances, Being a Slave and More"] Better known as Rock-T, radio personality Rocky Turner has one of the toughest jobs in America. As a co-host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show, Rock-T is charged with one of the show’s most anticipated, high-pressure, nail biting moments—the now infamous Joke of the Day. Okay, for those of you who don’t listen to the show, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But for the Dish Nation star, the pressure to be funny among the likes of Rickey Smiley himself might be a legitimate stressor. Yet, when it comes to real pressure, we think Rock-T’s wife Krystal holds the bigger burden. I mean what girl can honestly do her best seductive bedroom dance when her husband always laughs right in her face… Krystal: Okay, so I’m really not the best dancer of all times. But I try to break it down for him in the bedroom. I will start breaking it down for him, and then he will start saying, “Work it, work it, work it”, but laugh at the same time. [laughs] Now how am I supposed to keep my sexy bedroom dance going with him laughing? BMWK: So, Rock-T, on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you grade her on her dancing? Rock-T: Dancing-wise, well, it’s a 10 because when we’re swinging out [editor’s note: that’s like Texas’s answer to Chicago steppin]. She’s pretty fly….When she’s doing any kind of hip-hop dance or anything else, that’s when it goes straight downhill. But, the dancing that she was talking about is in the bedroom, that’s the reason I start laughing is [...]

@MarlonWayans says @TimTebow should play for this team…

[Tweet "@MarlonWayans says @TimTebow should play for this team... "] Marlon Wayans just offered to resurrect Tim Tebow's QB career ... telling TMZ Sports he feels like Tebow could come in right now and contribute quality minutes ... to his 12-year-old son's football team. Marlon was at Craig's in West Hollywood when we asked the "Haunted House II" star about Tebow's unsuccessful tryout with the Eagles earlier this week. Check out the clip -- Marlon says that he's a fan of Tim ... so much so that he thinks the 6'3" 236 lbs. QB may just have a place in a league full of players who'll be of drinking age in 2024. FYI --  Marlon's son plays QB and is a beast. So Tim, you got your work cut out for you buddy. Presented by TMZ

Tiny Defends Her Kids Against Internet Trolls

Only the very most ratchet of all the ratchets speak unkind words toward another person’s child.  There is absolutely nothing within us that will allow for us to see a point in which that is ever acceptable. Apparently, Tiny felt the same way because when someone spoke unkindly about her kids on Instagram, Tiny came out swinging in her response! According to Vlad TV, the troll asked Tiny who the real fathers of her children are, because they felt that her boys looked nothing like Tip. Teasing didn’t stop there, as the user called Tiny and T.I.’s son King a “rude a**.” Said Tiny, “Have u found your own daddy h*e? U ain’t got time to worry about a made b*tch when u still tryin to get there! Stfu & watch carefully so u can learn something maggot!!” Don’t come for her kids unless you are prepared to get blasted! Salute! Presented by The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

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T-PAIN Joins The Stomp Wars Movement

Check out a message from the homie T-Pain in support of the Stomp Wars Movement. Educate For A Better Tomorrow. A Positive Youth Explosion Grab yourself some more information at

Looks Like Michael Jordan is having IDENTICAL TWINS… Are they Boys or Girls? Here is The Scoop

Michael Jordan is on his way to creating a basketball team of his own ... TMZ Sports has learned he's having IDENTICAL twin girls. Michael's wife, Yvette Prieto, is pregnant, though we don't know how far along.  They were married in April. Michael already has 3 kids -- 2 boys and a girl.  The kids are all in their 20s. The people we've been speaking with in Jordan's world are being super secretive/scared stiff.  But we're told so far ... the pregnancy is progressing just fine. Presented by TMZ  

Former NBA Star’s Children fear he will KILL Them……WHAT?

Jayson Williams has threatened to KILL another person ... so says his estranged wife, who claims the ex-NBA star went on a violent tirade in front of their two young daughters, who now fear for their lives. TMZ Sports has obtained official documents filed in California by Tanya Williams ... who's seeking child support and health insurance for the couple's two daughters (ages 11 and 9) now that Jayson's out of prison for the killing of his limo driver back in 2002. But in the documents, Tanya says Jayson is still as violent as ever ... writing: "Recently, Jayson's actions put my daughters in fear for their lives including punching a ceiling screaming, 'I want to kill someone.'" There's more ... Tanya claims Jayson also yelled at their 9-year-old daughter that he "quit being her dad" and he "never wanted to see them again." Tanya says the children are "severely traumatized and beginning therapy." It's unclear how much cash Tanya is hoping to get in monthly child support -- but she lists Jayson's gross monthly income at $15,000. Not bad for a guy who hasn't played in the NBA since 1999. A rep for Jayson had no comment. Read more: Presented by TMZ

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