RockTeen Youth Mentoring Program Promo Video

[Tweet "RockTeen Youth Mentoring Program Promo Video"] ROCKTEEN is a youth mentoring program whose mission is to motivate youth to start living a #RockTeenLifestyle – one that promotes Academic Achievement, Character Development & Positive life choices….. Then challenges them to be a Positive Influence and Add Value into others. If You Would Like to Support or Request more Info About The “RockTeen” Youth Mentoring Program please visit  

Rock-T from the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show and His Wife Talk Private Dances, Being a Slave and More

[Tweet "Rock-T from the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show and His Wife Talk Private Dances, Being a Slave and More"] Better known as Rock-T, radio personality Rocky Turner has one of the toughest jobs in America. As a co-host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show, Rock-T is charged with one of the show’s most anticipated, high-pressure, nail biting moments—the now infamous Joke of the Day. Okay, for those of you who don’t listen to the show, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But for the Dish Nation star, the pressure to be funny among the likes of Rickey Smiley himself might be a legitimate stressor. Yet, when it comes to real pressure, we think Rock-T’s wife Krystal holds the bigger burden. I mean what girl can honestly do her best seductive bedroom dance when her husband always laughs right in her face… Krystal: Okay, so I’m really not the best dancer of all times. But I try to break it down for him in the bedroom. I will start breaking it down for him, and then he will start saying, “Work it, work it, work it”, but laugh at the same time. [laughs] Now how am I supposed to keep my sexy bedroom dance going with him laughing? BMWK: So, Rock-T, on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you grade her on her dancing? Rock-T: Dancing-wise, well, it’s a 10 because when we’re swinging out [editor’s note: that’s like Texas’s answer to Chicago steppin]. She’s pretty fly….When she’s doing any kind of hip-hop dance or anything else, that’s when it goes straight downhill. But, the dancing that she was talking about is in the bedroom, that’s the reason I start laughing is [...]


[Tweet "ROCK-T'S OFFICIAL SIZZLE REEL"] Rocky Turner (Rock-T) On The National Syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show, Rock-T is the show’s sports editor, known for his mischievous “Jokes of the Day” and other playful antics. Rocky began his career as a professional baseball player with the New York Mets. After his Baseball Career, he transitioned to Dallas radio where he contributed #1 On-Air Ratings on K104fm & 97.9 The Beat in every Time Slot: Morning Drive, Mid Days, Afternoon Drive and Nights. He Launched his Television Career as host of the popular hip hop series, “Dance Club 21″ which aired on CBS Affiliate TXA 21. Now you can see Rock-T Daily on the #1 Ranked TV Show “DISH NATION” on FOX TV. In addition to national radio and television, Rock T has been host to several national programs and events such as the 2011 Sprite Step Off Competition, Coca Cola at Essence Festival, McDonald’s Flavor Battle, NFL Superbowl, Kobe vs LeBron Sprite Uncontainable event at NBA All Star, NBA Jam Session, Red Bull King of the Rock, Red Bull FlugTag, McDonald’s CIAA Super Saturday, Vitamin Water, Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Metro PCS. He is Founder of The Rock-T Youth Foundation which Powers STOMP WARS, The Nations #1 Rated Youth Step Competition & Teen Summit. His Annual HOOPS FOR HOPE Youth Basketball Tournament draws over 150 teams from all over the country. The Rock-T Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization providing positive influences for youth, dedicated to breaking the bondage of mental imprisonment and writing new productive chapters through artistic mediums and athletics. Rock-T is the Ambassador of Success For Teens- S.W.A.G. youth program, Safe 4 Kind and Safe Tips (Anti-Bullying) & KP Scholars,making a phenomenal [...]

Rock-T’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft (TOP 10 PICKS)

[Tweet "Rock-T's 2015 NFL Mock Draft (TOP 10 PICKS)"] **Expect Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon to go #27 to the Dallas Cowboys What are your Top 10 NFL Mock Draft Picks for 2015? Drop a reply in the box below or holla at me on Twitter

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Rock-T’s 2015 NBA Playoff PREDICTIONS – If Anyone Disagrees speak up now…

[Tweet "Rock-T's 2015 NBA Playoff PREDICTIONS - If Anyone Disagrees speak up now..."] FIRST ROUND Hawks over Nets Mavs over Rockets Cavs over Celtics Spurs over Clippers Grizzlies over Trail Blazers BULLS over Bucks Warriors over Pelicans Wizards over Raptors SECOND ROUND Warriors over Memphis Spurs over Mavs Hawks over Wizards Bulls over Cavs THIRD ROUND Warriors over Spurs Bulls over Hawks FINALS Golden State Warriors NBA Champs  If Anyone Disagrees speak up now, drop a comment in the box below or alternatively hit me on Twitter!!

Check out Rock-T’s Interview with McDonalds…. #RSMS

[Tweet "Check out Rock-T's Interview with McDonalds.... #RSMS"] 365 Black: Hi Rocky, it was great having you as our host at the 70th annual CIAA Basketball Tournament this year! We want to take a little time to ask you more about your experience at CIAA for our website. Is that cool? Rock T: Y​es! All Good! 365 Black: W​hat was your favorite moment while hosting the McDonald’s Fan Fest booth? Rock T: Everything! I’m a people person, any time I can engage with fans and people... that’s fun & energetic to me. You have people that come from all over the country every year and when they hit the convention center we have to start turning up for the weekend and they look to us as entertainers to bring a little excitement and fun to kick off the weekend... just the energy. 365 Black: I​n the end, who do you think won the dance contest? Rock T: Oh- Old School definitely! When the Old School dancers had to dance to the New School Music, they were showing the New Schoolers how to do the New School Dance. And then you have the New School Dancers who had to dance to the Old School Music saying, ‘I can’t dance to this!’. Old School brought it all the way home and let them know– we can dance Old School a​nd​ we can dance New School. 365 Black: W​hat was your most memorable moment hosting the McDonald’s activities throughout the weekend. Who do you think brought it at McDonald’s Super Saturday? Rock T: Super Saturday during the dance contest with the old school guy that just slaughtered everyone. To this day, I still tell everyone you need [...]

Check Out “ROCK-T” with #McDonalds at #CIAA – This is Why I Support… [VIDEO]

[Tweet "Check Out "ROCK-T" with #McDonalds at #CIAA - This is Why I Support... [VIDEO]"] McDonald’s has been a proud sponsor of the CIAA for 10 years. During the 2015 CIAA, McDonald’s held several events, which included the Thurgood Marshall College Fund booth, CIAA McDonald’s Step Show, McDonald’s Super Saturday at Time Warner Cable Arena. During Super Saturday, rolling out was on hand to capture all of the action. #McDonalds #CIAA

@StompWars 2015: National Step Competition for $10,000 – Hosted by ROCK-T

Check out all the info you need on the Stomp Wars website right HERE!!